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How to Get a Verified on Twitter for Free: No Paid Subscription

How to Get a Verified on Twitter for Free: No Paid Subscription

Twitter’s blue checkmark verification badge has long been a symbol of trust and authenticity on the platform, reserved for public figures, celebrities, journalists, and media organizations. While Twitter introduced a paid subscription service called Twitter Blue that offers the blue checkmark as one of its features, this article aims to explore alternative methods to obtain a verified status without paying a monthly fee.

How to Get Verified on Twitter for Free?

As everyone knows, Twitter imposes a monthly subscription to obtain the blue badge for your account, if you already have the badge, but what if I told you how you can get the blue badge for free for any account even if it was not previously verified without the need to pay any monthly subscription or request verification from Twitter.

This can be done by using a free Twitter account verification tool that adds the blue badge to your account in just a few minutes without the need to enter any sensitive information and just by entering your username

This tool injects the blue badge into your Twitter account by connecting to the Twitter servers, which are safe and tested. What’s even cooler is that you can verify any account, whether new or old without exposing your account to any risks.

Step 1: Go to Twitter Blue Tick Tool.

Step 2: Enter your username, and confirm it.

Step 3: Wait for the Injection to complete.

Step 4: Complete the Captcha.

Once you have done all these steps, go ahead to your account and refresh the page if you are using a PC or laptop, or log out and log in again if you are using a mobile.

How to Request Verification from Twitter?

If you don’t want to use the free verification tool that we demonstrated earlier in this article, and you want to use the legit method to get verified by Twitter and pay for the verification subscription if you got accepted. here are the steps to follow.

  1. Build a Strong Online Presence:

To increase your chances of getting verified, it’s essential to establish a strong online presence. This includes actively participating in relevant conversations, engaging with your followers, and consistently sharing valuable content. Build a reputation as a thought leader or an expert in your field by showcasing your knowledge and expertise.

  1. Complete Your Twitter Profile:

Ensure that your Twitter profile is complete and represents you or your brand accurately. Provide a clear and concise bio that highlights your accomplishments, affiliations, or notable experiences. Use a professional profile picture and consider adding a header image that reflects your personal brand or area of expertise.

  1. Verify Other Social Media Accounts:

Link and verify other social media accounts that are associated with your brand or public persona. This can include platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or a personal website. Having a consistent and established online presence across multiple platforms can enhance your credibility and increase your chances of being verified on Twitter.

  1. Demonstrate Public Interest and Notability:

Twitter typically verifies accounts that are of public interest or notable. Actively participate in industry-related events, conferences, or public speaking engagements and share updates about them on your Twitter account. Collaborate with other verified accounts, engage in meaningful conversations, and contribute valuable insights to your niche or industry.

  1. Increase Media Coverage:

Try to generate media coverage or press mentions about your work or accomplishments. This can include interviews, articles, features, or mentions in reputable publications or online platforms. Media coverage adds credibility and demonstrates that your work or contributions have gained attention beyond social media.

  1. Submit a Verification Request:

While Twitter’s official verification process requires a paid subscription through Twitter Blue, there have been instances where Twitter has opened verification applications for a limited time. Keep an eye on Twitter’s official announcements or updates regarding verification requests. If they open up the verification process, submit your application providing strong evidence of your public interest, notability, and authenticity.


While Twitter’s blue checkmark verification badge is no longer available for free through traditional channels, there are alternative strategies you can employ to increase your chances of getting verified. One of them is using a Tick Blue Verification Tool, or by building a strong online presence, demonstrating public interest, and maintaining a consistent personal brand, you can establish yourself as a notable figure within your industry.

Remember to engage with your audience, actively participate in relevant conversations, and seek media coverage to enhance your credibility. Lastly, keep an eye out for any future opportunities when Twitter opens up its verification process for free submissions.


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